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Dating quest user hd recovery

Dating quest user hd recovery

Note: If the source Core is running a version of Rapid Recovery newer than the target Core, please contact Support and we will upgrade your target Core to a newer version. When your hosted target Core was provisioned for you, you should have received an assigned Host Name, User Name and Password.

Enter your assigned User Name. To do this, under the Request tab, enter the new Replication name for your source Core. Replication Settings When the replication relationship has been established, the information on the Replication tab should be similar to this: Note: Replication of the base image or incrementals, if you are doing a seed will begin for each agent after their next recovery point is received into the source Core.

We do not recommend or support updating information more frequently than every hour.

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BRM Concepts About Backdating Subscription Actions Subscription actions backdating lets you perform certain subscription actions so that the operations take effect on a prior date instead of the date it occurred. You can perform subscription backdating operations to rectify errors committed while performing subscription operations. For example, you might want to backdate a subscription operation when: A customer requests a charge offer cancellation on October recovery, but the cancellation is not recorded in the BRM system until November The customer is charged for the period of October 30 to November A customer requests a charge offer purchase on January 1, but the purchase date is entered in the BRM system as February 1.

BRM supports the following subscription backdating recovery Backdated account creation.

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