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Does the celebrity dating agency really exist

Does the celebrity dating agency really exist

'It is absolutely real and legitimate, obviously Paul and I have private work as well which we. Yup, Nadia is opening her very own dating agency for NORMAL people. It's going to be called The Agency, and the service will offer tips on how to flirt, find the. Like where it's filmed, whether or not it's an actual agency or as well which we do, but we come together for this show,” dating expert Anna dating experts are pretty busy when they're not focused on celebrity matchmaking.

The more you can tell us the better! Where did you see the casting call? You must not be in breach of any contract by appearing or by applying to appear in the Programme. You must be legally authorised to live, work and participate in the Programme in the United Kingdom.

You must not be in a long-term relationship with any other individual s and, if selected for the Programme, you understand that you will be under a continuing obligation to inform us immediately should this change during the course of filming. You agree to waive any moral rights that may exist in relation to the Material. You warrant and represent that the rights granted to us above reside solely with you and that no further consents are necessary.

The Company is not liable to doe the celebrity dating agency really exist any costs or expenses incurred by you in making an application to participate in the Programme, including but not limited to the cost of internet access, phone call charges, travel costs, accommodation, incidental costs or any other charges, expenses and taxes.

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