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Final fantasy x-2 publicity and matchmaking

Final fantasy x-2 publicity and matchmaking

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Im on chapter 5 and realised I only had publicity points. I know you need to unlock mini games and get % but do you still get that if. After we'd completed our work for the Publicity and Matchmaker quests we'd accepted we went to the Calm Lands. All our hard work paid off and our agency. Ffx 2 publicity and matchmaking guide. Having said that, it should be obvious that those locations that are not Hotspots aren't necessary at all, but it is.

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Final Fantasy X-2 - Publicity In the two years since the destruction of Sin, the Calm Lands have been transformed into a veritable amusement park. There are two companies vying for customers to try out their attractions: Open Air and Argent, Inc. You can choose to aid one of the companies in getting more customers by participating in a publicity campaign on their behalf. The female NPC's that are approachable during the publicity side quest are also fair game for the matchmaking side quest.

Publicity side quest information To take on the Publicity side quest, just speak to one of the attendants from either company at any of the attractions and say yes to helping them with publicity. If they are open to listening to your sales pitch for the publicity campaign, you'll be given five catch-phrases to choose from.

The maximum amount of publicity points you can get from each NPC is 5. If you get a negative reaction from them during Chapter 1, you can try again with a different approach during Chapters 2, 3 and 5.