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Apex legends skill based matchmaking

Apex legends skill based matchmaking

Apex Legends professional player Brandon ‘Ace’ Winn has slammed Respawn Entertainment over their decision to add skill-based matchmaking to the popular battle royale game.​ Unsurprisingly, this decision has annoyed a large number of players, including NRG Esports player Ace, who. Respawn posted a brief update on the heated topic of skill-based matchmaking in Apex Legends. Apex Legends' fourth season has kicked off. Former Apex Legends pro Coby “dizzy” Meadows has added his voice to the mix on the battle royale's hotly contested skill-based match. Top Apex Legends players are complaining about the game's skill-based matchmaking system. Here's why SBMM needs to stay.

Eliminated players will respawn every round and can select different Legends to play mid-match. Explore different squad comps based on what your opponents are doing to hold the capture point. I recently heard a report from the Giant Bomb editors that Fortnite has in fact begun a decline in popularity over the last few months, whereas Apex Legends has in fact grown immensely, and even looks to be gaining on Fortnite.

My question is, do you think Respawn will capitalize on the popularity and increase the content and modes in Apex going into ?

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This is why skill based matchmaking shouldn't be in Apex Legends in my opinion. The skill based matchmaking makes the game a lot less fun for casual solo.