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Dating a younger and shorter guy

Dating a younger and shorter guy

Why do younger men prefer shorter women but older men usually date taller women? As a woman, what is it like dating or marrying a man much older than you? Were you ever judged? What's it like dating younger women, as an older woman? I'm a woman who's dating a shorter man what should I do? As a man, what is it like dating or marrying a woman much older than you? Were you ever judged? Why do people think women dating shorter men are weird? What is it like to date a man shorter than you? What's your opinion about a guy dating a woman who’s older than him? What's it like to be a man dating a much younger woman? Related Questions. Why is it harder to date women as a shorter man? Are you a younger man dating an older women? What is it like?. Does Height Matter to Girls? Girls Answer on Dating Shorter Guys or Short Guys in general. If you're a short guy or below average height, you've probably.

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Is it weird to date a guy who's shorter and younger than me? there is nothing wrong dating dating someone shorter than you when youre a girl and hes a guy. me personally, i like guys taller than me, who are same grade, or older than me. i dont think i can ever date a younger or shorter guy =[. First of all, I know someone's gonna pop up and say they "judge on personality". I honestly wanted to know so yeah I'd rather you actually told me than say "I. I didn't really think dating a short guy was a thing, I just knew that I wasn't going to do it. 'That's my dealbreaker,' I would drunkenly say to people while at uni.