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Carbon dating using exponential growth

Carbon dating using exponential growth

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Therefore, organisms from a single-celled bacteria to the largest of the dinosaurs leave behind carbon-based remains. Carbon dating is based upon the decay of 14C, a radioactive isotope of carbon with a relatively long half-life years.

While 12C is the most abundant carbon isotope, there is a close to constant ratio of 12C to 14C in the environment, and hence in the molecules, carbons dating using exponential growth, and tissues of living organisms.

At this point, the overall amount of 14C in the organism begins to decay exponentially. Decay of radioactive isotopes Radioactive isotopes, such as 14C, decay exponentially. Returning to our example of carbon, knowing that the half-life of 14C is years, we can use this to find the constant, k. The half-life for 14C is approximately years, therefore the 14C isotope is only useful for dating fossils up to about 50, years old.

We may use the exponential growth function in applications involving The formula for radioactive decay is important in radiocarbon dating, which is used to‚Äč. We end up with a solution known as the "Law of Radioactive Decay", Recall that the exponential law for the number of Carbon 14 nuclei.