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Sytycd slavik and genessy dating

Sytycd slavik and genessy dating

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Genessy Castillo if you were wondering how to pronounce that, her Insta bio says "like Hennessy but with a G" hails from NYC, as she revealed on the show. Oh, and she's just 18, btw. Slavik Pustovoytov, who's only 19 himself, was born in the Ukraine and grew up in Stillwater, Oklahoma.

Like his partner Genessy, he's a total renaissance man when it comes to dance and hasn't missed a beat in any genre so far on Season While this dancing duo might be dripping with chemistry on the dance floor, they insist they're just friends Although listening to them sytycd slavik and genessy dating about their friendship will probably just make you ship them even harder. In an interview with Pacific Rim Video Press, Genessy actually credited choreographer Talia Flavia with helping them build up their special bond.

When asked what was going on, Genessy responded, "Nothing much! And teased is pretty much how I feel about this whole thing, TBH.

As the title says, I haven't seen much surface lately on social media concerning the 2 of them.​ Is Lauren Yakima Auditioning for SYTYCD?​ Discuss anything related to the show or contestants or judges or dancers they showcase on So You Think You Can Dance. Genessy Castillo and Slavik Pustovoytov Fox native Genessy Castillo, 18, is fighting for a spot among the top four finalists on Season 15 of “So You Think You Can Dance. “We're not dating,” Castillo tells The Post. The 'SYTYCD' judges love the chemistry between Slavik Pustovoytov and Genessy Castillo so much they keep wishing the duo were dating.

In SYTYCD, contestants compete in various dance styles to secure their place as America's best dancer. Get details about the show, including cast & clips, here!